Press Representation

When you have an important newsworthy announcement such as a financial report, appointment, launch, event or anything worth announcing, Elise recommends her press representation services. We send your releases to a handpicked list of journalists, editors and media contacts those who cover your industry and target geography. This way, your news releases get a much better chance of editorial inclusion and high value coverage.

Our targeted media distribution services offer the perfect treatment for your high-impact press releases. We have access to one of the best media databases with 820,000+ media contacts in 280,000+ media outlets.


press representation

Elise Publicist SEO

Includes :

  • Article writing & Review
  • Media and Press Distribution
  • Guaranteed inclusions and publications
  • Dedicated publicist

News Media Distribution : $145

Local Distribution - One city : $185

Regional Distribution - One Region : $225

Nationwide Distribution - One country : $315

Global Distribution : $599