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Elise's goal is to take away all the stress, headache, overthinking, and negative emotions that may come with planning and executing your promotion. You focus on what you do best : growing your business and coming up with new ideas, and let Elise take care of your marketing. We take a load off your back, and you can rely on your publicist to be available for you anytime you need anything : creating a new campaign, advice and consulting, testing new audiences, testing new platforms, reaching out to media outlets, etc... 

We work hard in being close to our clients : we treat you like a friend, and your project like our own. Our publicists do not just "manage" and send you analytics and data, we actively invest in advertising, constantly think of new and innovative ways to promote your project, and all for a fixed price. Our job is to adapt your budget to get more and more positive results months after months.


At Elise, we like simple things. We will agree on a continuous promotion goal (for example a goal would be to reach 30,000 people each month), and we would take care of achieving these goals on your various platforms (google, Facebook, Instagram, media, email, press) while following your brand personality and direction. 

Pick your advertising Objective

Pick your objective

We start by picking your monthly objective. This is the number of people you wish to reach on a continuous basis.

Share your Media

share your medias

The second step will be to share your media, images, and ideas. Elise will also need access to some of your platforms to promote them efficiently.



Our third step is to promote your work on the different platforms we agreed on. Your publicist will take care of monitoring and adapting our promotional efforts to get the best results out of our fixed budget.

Dedicated Publicist

dEDICATED consultant

At Elise, you will have a dedicated consultant taking care of your business marketing. Your consultant will be available to assist you anytime you need him or her. He or She will also be following up with you on your results and new ideas.


Elise is trusted by 450+ clients in 17 countries for managing their publicity