Search engine rankings

By going far beyond the normal "backlinking" process with innovative use of brand building, social marketing and authority outreach, Elise have helped both elite corporations and small businesses expand their search engine rankings, their brand recognition, their customer loyalty - and their revenues, profits and return on investment.

We don't just help clients build rankings. We help them build their business.


starter ranking campaign

Elise Publicist SEO


- Improve your ranks on 8 keywords per month-

Keyword research and recommendations

Link building and publications campaign

Social Media signals

Dedicated Publicist

enterprise ranking campaign

Enterprise SEO


- Improve your ranks on 30 keywords per month-

Multi-channel Advertising Management

Daily Campaign Optimization

Unlimited Ad Design

Dedicated Publicist


Our Services are monthly based, as the service is ongoing. There are no minimum months, commitment or contracts, you can stop the service at anytime.