[Method] How to find Customers

Our little gem for today is "&as_qdr=d4". 

How does someone find customers? The answer is "&as_qdr=d4", or the date option on google.
Many of our corporate clients (and friends) are asking how to generate more business. This is a simple yet effective method you can use to promote your products or services using google and a bit of brain. 
One way to get more business is to find those who are already looking for your service or product. The great thing here is there is little sales work as we know the person is already in the market and actively looking for a solution.
&as_qdr=d4 is, my friends, a rarely used Google time-based search parameter that finds webpages created within the last 4 days (change the 4 to a 2 and the search is limited to 2 days). We need people who want our service today or yesterday, or as soon around that time period as possible. Thus we do a normal Google search and place it within a time-based period from today going backwards.

Here is how you do this. 

1) First do a Google search for "looking for social media" (in quotes). This won't help much, but it's a good place to start.

2) Place your cursor in the address bar and tack the following onto the end of the url: &as_qdr=d4 . If that's too technical, simply go to "tool"s (on the right), then "date" and pick "last 24 hours"

3) Hit enter and run the search again. Now we're getting somewhere. You will be able to find the people looking for your services on community sites/forums/classified. 

how to find customers using google.

4) Now you can run all types of searches using synonyms, or other sentenses "a good press agent", "search engine for bloggers" etc..

If you wish to only look in forums, sipmly add "inurl:forum" to your search (sometimes this works, sometimes not).

You may have to sign up on the forums to reply to these people but it's worth it - they have their money ready to be spent and are looking for your product or service. No hard selling required. 

You have to try different combinations of words with the time-based parameter to find out which searches work best in your industry. Then run those searches 3x daily to get to any new posts as fast as possible. You ultimately want to respond on the same day to maximize your results. With a bit of trial and error, and some brains, you can save a lot of time with that method. 

Best of luck !