How to get high CTR at Facebook Ads.

It’s not a secret : The higher your click-through rate, the lower you cost-per-action will be on Facebook. I mean: the higher your CTR is – the cheaper you get the traffic. It is quite obvious.

So, to gain profit you need to maintain your CTR high-level. There are two ways to get the results we want : create aggressive promo  or target the audience that fit your product well.

The first way is a death path indeed. Running a super-aggressive advertising campaign on Facebook will burn your budget and waste 98% of your money on unqualified audiences. People will probably also report your ad and lead to a lower relevance score and higher costs-per-actions.

To find the most suitable audience,  use the “Audience Insight” tool in your Facebook ad account. You may easily find it :

For years, this tool was not very useful outside of the US, as it lacked information for a lot of regions. Today, its database is updated, and quite big, and can provide us with qualitative analyses about almost every world region.
This tool gives you the insight about peoples’ likes, demography, their preferences and behavior. Any Social Media Marketing Ninja will find it extremely useful, but we will mostly need the option “Activity”.

This metric performs the frequency and intensity of social signals of the chosen audience towards the posts on Facebook in general. In short, it shows how people react to posts.

We are interested in the last parameter “Ads Clicked”. It shows the average number of clicks made by a user (targeted audience is blue and people on Facebook is gray) in the last of 30 days.
So, the higher frequency of “Ads Clicked” is – the more loyal to ads your audience is, and the more click from your ads you will get. Clear enough so far ?

How it works:

The screenshot above demonstrates the statistics for all the audience on Facebook in the USA. We can see that average US user clicks Ads up to 15 times per month. Now, by changing different targeting filters, we need to get this rate as high as we can.

For instance, we can easily discover that users in France have average frequency – 9; users in Italy – 16. So if you want to have better CTR for your ads for an international product or service– you’d be picking Italy for your campaign.

Furthermore, you can discover that women are more valuable than men (20 vs 16):

As well as young women (18-23 of age) are more preferable for us than the ones of age 30-45. 24 vs 20:

You can test almost every setting available on Facebook's advertising platform.
If you have active fanpages (with a total audience more than 1,000 people) that are already in use – you can also add them for analysis.

This very tool has one more good option that is called “Page Likes”. Here the pages which most likely will arise users’ interest according to Facebook’s data. You may use the pages from this instrument to increase the frequency of “Ads Clicked”. For example, if I set up additional interests for my audience (Italy, female, 18-23) with pages like MTV Italia, MTV music (Italy) and so on, I will receive the highest frequency: 37 and the monthly reach will be high enough to run ads (of about 1M of users):

(Now we have our highest Ads Clicked frequency, and can start a campaign)

You can start creating your new campaign from inside the tool. Just click a green button “Create Ad” – and all the targeting filters and parameters will go into Ads Manager or Power Editor.
By the way, by experimenting with targeting different geographies, you will recognize a lot of interesting facts. For example, Russia's data looks like this:

Does that mean Russians never click posts? Definitely, no. Does that mean Audience Insight is giving us crap? I don’t know. Nevertheless, we successfully use it to run ads at high CTR, so we can drive traffic at a lower price.

Just some sad words to conclude. No matter how experienced with tools you are, the first thing to pay attention to is your creative materials. If your ad looks like shit, then not even Zuckerberg himself can help you gain high Click-Through-Rate. So be sure to have quality ad design, or to hire Elise to help you with that.