The Espression Project - Instagram Publicity

Lavazza Espression is a coffee shop with 9 European locations and 7 worldwide offices. We have met with their team in Dubai and decided to get started with some Instagram Marketing for their business.

Their content was pretty good, very showroom but high quality, so there was no obstacles there. It's always better to have engaging, or even personal content (people follow other people on social media), but you can't ask every single business and franchises to have a brand ambassador and daily content. So we're good on the content part.

Their page started pretty low, but I'd rather have that than a billion fake followers with no engagement. That's really tricky to work with because your Instagram (or Facebook) reach reduces with your number of followers. That's why personal accounts with 50-100 followers have everyone see their posts, but accounts (like mine) with 20,000 followers get only a 2,000-3,000 reach per post. Having fake followers reduces your post reach, and imagine now you're only reaching 5-10% of your followers, and you only fall on the fake ones. Not good, not good.

coffee shop instagram

We're dealing with the store in the United-Arab-Emirates, more specifically in Abu-Dhabi. That means we're not (really) interested in an international audience. We're not trying to build an influencer account but to generate business locally. For that we'll discount targeting via hashtags, keywords, and other people's followers (their mostly crap), and go for locations. 

We will target people who visit certain locations within Abu-Dhabi, for example the cafe is located in Nation Galleria Mall (, when looking at the location tag on Instagram you will be able to see all the people who tagged themselves in those locations. Some are businesses, but most of them are real people, and even better they already visit these locations AND share on their social media accounts. So this sounds like a good place to start.

Unfortunately, we always have to pick between quantity and quality, with very targeted strategies we will see positive results but not in the thousands per month. I expect Espression to grow about 300-500 per month, but more on the 300 end. Their service started today so let's see how it goes ! It's hard to anticipate audience reactions sometimes.

Right now we have decided not to invest more in advertising budget for the next 2 weeks. I'd rather see how organic strategies work before throwing money away, in most cases it's the most effective.

We'll check back in 2 weeks, and update you guys with the results !