[Results] 1.2 Million reach in one month ? Yes sir !

Souq Planet is the first self-scan supermarket in the Middle East. Their online presence is already quite good, but we thought we can do better. 

Let's review their Facebook results for the month of January. Souq planet went for the Enterprise social media publicity package (see more)

Souq Planet's Facebook page had over 119,000 page likes, which made it a bit challenging for us. We usually promise about 500-2000 new followers with our enterprise package, but increasing your page likes by 500 when you have 119k doesn't make much difference. This created a tiny problem, which is how to make the customer feel the change. On a page with 1,000 page likes, an increase by 500 is immense, but on Souq Planet's page it would mean a +0.42% increase , which means cancellation and BYE BYE Elise . 

We rethought our advertising and decided to blow them away. Where are we now ! 

We're currently at 141,839 followers (started at 119k in december). Souq Planet's end-of-2017 goal was to reach 200k page likes, which will obviously come faster than expected. All KPIs are higher than last months (and they were still with us). In January so far we have reached over 1.21 Million people. The post engagement value is a bit lower than last month (4%), we'll have to put more focus on that. 

Our current strategy is the following : 

  • One page like campaign
  • One engagement campaign 
  • One mass reach campaign to spread brand awareness