Reaching 140,000 people during our Free trial ? Possible !

Stella Asteria is a fashion and lifestyle blogger we had the opportunity to work with on her Instagram marketing. She started her free trials 3 days ago, but thanks to her high quality posts (with strong visuals), we were able to push her campaign to the max. 

This wasn't our usual case, as we were instructed not to use the "follow" feature for audience interaction. We thought about using simply likes, but the results are much lower so we decided to experiment with a mass-reach advertisement. 

I decided to take my four favorite posts of hers, and to create Instagram ads for each one of them, where the goal would be to reach the maximum number of women between 17 to 34 years old. The results were better than expected : 

  • We reached 140,171 people
  • We received 5,541 post reactions
  • 912 people explored her profile

The follower to reach ration may seem quite low (how do I get only 150 followers from reaching 150,000 people), but that's normal. Our frequency was capped to 1, meaning we only allowed the ads to be shown to people once. I was curious to see how many people would become fans after seeing only one picture from Stella. The second thing is a lot of people reacted to the post probably not knowing it was an advertisement, and believing it is one of the people they follow, which I think can also be fixed by increasing the frequency. Gaining 147 followers may seem little in our over-expecting world, but it is a pretty good feat in 3 days without buying fake followers. Most of our corporate clients with legit followings actually start with 130-150 followers after 2-3 years of instagram work (you'd be surprised). Anyway I'm rambling now, let's see how it goes in the future with Stella ! 

Instagram Advertising Results