Facebook Ads - Average CPM & CPC

The List of average Cost per click and Cost per 1000impressions on Facebook. 

The CPC/CPM Ads prices are not necessarily mirroring the country’s wealth, because we see countries like Germany having a CPC price of 0.50$ and Russia with 1.02$. The prices are based on the number of advertisers in those countries and their willingness to pay more (bid).

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How to get high CTR at Facebook Ads.

It’s not a secret : The higher your click-through rate, the lower you cost-per-action will be on Facebook. I mean: the higher your CTR is – the cheaper you get the traffic. It is quite obvious.
So, to gain profit you need to maintain your CTR high-level. There are two ways to get the results we want : create aggressive promo  or target the audience that fit your product well. Let me walk through finding the right audience .

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What is Publicity ? Why is Publicity Important ?

There are several definitions of publicity, but the most appropriate one is the one that is from a advertising angle. Publicity in its simplest form is the means of conveying information to the general public through the media. The information being publicized could be news, awareness campaign about a product and service. It is the process of creating awareness of new products and services.  

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[Method] How to find Customers

Many of our corporate clients (and friends) are asking how to generate more business. This is a simple yet effective method you can use to promote your products or services using google and a bit of brain. 
One way to get more business is to find those who are already looking for your service or product. The great thing here is there is little sales work as we know the person is already in the market and actively looking for a solution.

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